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[03 Jan 2003|07:48pm]
Now the test will mr cocksucker hack his internet whores account to get the journal back?
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Eat me. [01 Jan 2003|11:04am]
Guess who got their journal back biznatch? Me. And I'm real. Kristy won't give me your email addresses so I can't talk to you personally, but I can give you a shoutout on MY journal that I got back because YOU are a deafdumb slutwhore who thinks you can mess with the man. The Man. Better act right before you get smacked right. Anyway, I have my journal back. So suck on my cock. I'm at TJ's uncles. Woo McFricken hoo. Happy new year. Okay bye.
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HATE MAIL!!!! [31 Dec 2002|05:57pm]
I feel so cool. I wonder who you are, oh sender of insults. Either way I fear not your hurtful words because A)I can talk like Yoda. 2)You aren't so lucky as to have the bestest girl in the world saying she loves you, and C)You were stupified. Moron. Anyway, think I'ma go down to TJ's and spend some money with his family in a rousing game of poker. It's not any fun when you win almost 80 bucks from 3. Today I start with $2.87 Where will it lead?
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so tell me what am i supposed to be another goddamn drone? [31 Dec 2002|05:20pm]
Okay. So I guess lots of people will come checking in on this to see what is up and who this Ian guy is...or maybe you didn't know I was here and you were checking to see what Todd wrote. Either way, you shouldn't be here. BUT! But you are. So you can read about all the interesting stuff I'm gonna write. Well. That's gonna be tough, cause even though I adore writing, nothing I write is interesting. I might give this address out to my friends from the evil world of high school, but they're queers, so I wont. Woooooot! Going to the college on Thursday or Friday to take a placement test to get into my English Class. Or just to talk to them. Or something. Um....right. Well this is the first post I have, my Mom went back to the hospital for chest's bad. I <3 Kristy. Cause I'm a stud. Or something to that effect. I'll close this one meaningless post with my life converted into lyrics. Oh, feel free to get stupified and tell me what you think of matter what it is that you think.

reject, are you no one, feel you nothing
you know i'll get you think you have a good
reason to be living in the limelight
of the fortunate ones
you're too weakened by the poison that they feed you
in the living lie they don't believe you
call to no one, trust in nothing, little impotent one

i don't wanna be innocent, you know
i don't want to let them hypnotize me

punk-ass, are you listening, can you hear me
or are you deaf and dumb
to my language, do the real words seem to hurt you?
well put em' up motherfucker
you'll feel it when i stamp it on your forehead
so you will never forget
that you're a reject, and you're no one, and you're nothing
little impotent one

fear awaken
go with it now and let it overcome you
fear awaken
your mind is racing

i don't understand why don't you like me
why don't you like me, am i so different from you
how does it scare you that i'm able to discern?
what to love and what to burn
i'll add your fuel to the fire now
stand back, brother take your hand back
leave it and i might crack
more than a smile or two you see
don't judge what you don't understand
you can't deny what has been given to me
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[29 Dec 2002|07:39pm]
Just so everyone Knows.. im stealing this journal from Todd for my own ebil purposes XD.. Just Kidding.. Toddy said i could have it.. and i plan to let Ian use this so just so everyones aware..
~Ms. Bulma Briefs~
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